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Get the industry-leading iPaaS platform with business consultation and support options in the UK by Dell Boomi Partners Influential.

Influential: Digital Transformation and Data Integration experts, successfully delivering IT solutions in London for over 25 years.

Connect Data, Applications and People: Quickly and Easily

Influential’s Dell Boomi Integration Cloud solutions are the quick and easy way to connect all your business processes. We combine the latest cloud data integration tools with digital transformation know-how, providing services that empower businesses for the future and today.

Discover Dell Boomi Cloud Integration Solutions – release your business potential.

Dell Boomi Cloud Integration UK Consultancy & Support

Thanks to 25 years of experience in the IT Data Integration sector, Influential’s UK Dell Boomi Integration Cloud Services recognise that your business is one of a kind. Our Digital Transformation and Data Integration Consultancy teams treat each business as a unique proposition in need of a bespoke solution.

Whatever the size or nature of your business, Influential has the expert knowledge to deliver outstanding results. Our clients include:

Connected Business with iPaaS Dell Boomi Platform Solutions

Based on Dell Boomi’s AtomSphere technology, with specialised solutions for:

  • Exchange – EDI Management
    Cut maintenance overheads, improve ease of use and integrate back-end cloud applications such as NetSuite

Integration Cloud Licences and Pricing

Influential delivers its Dell Boomi solutions with a simple monthly fee. In addition, our team can provide customised solutions at a flexible rate.

What Is the Dell Boomi Integration Cloud?

Dell Boomi AtomSphere is an on-demand multi-tenant cloud integration platform that connects cloud and on-premises applications and data. This Dell Boomi platform enables our customers to design cloud-based integration processes called ‘Atoms’ and transfer data between any cloud or on-premises applications.

UK organisations, in particular, are lagging behind global peers in their adoption of integration solutions such as the Dell Boomi cloud-based integration platform as a service (iPaaS). The prevalence of integration platforms among UK businesses is only 47 percent, compared with 62 percent in the US.

  • businesses without an integration platform complain of a lack of visibility, resulting in needless overheads in staff, inventory, and IT infrastructure
  • unconnected businesses suffer from the high costs of legacy systems, manual coding, and constant IT support
  • without the connectivity of an integration platform, organisations miss out on valuable opportunities to exploit cloud, mobile, social, and the Internet of Things. In the UK, 65 percent of businesses report missed opportunities due to lack of connectivity

Cloud-Native iPaaS

Dell Boomi’s cloud-native iPaaS, in partnership with Influential’s integration consultancy and services, make businesses faster, smarter, and better. Our philosophy is to build connections, drive engagement, and enable mobility in your business.

Connect Everything: Pre-Integrated Solutions and Business Connectors

Dell Boomi cloud customers have access to a vast library of over 1,500 unique APIs: a combination of standard application and Enterprise technology connectors, with more being developed.

API solutions include Oracle, Amazon S3, SuccessFactors, Microsoft Dynamics, Infor, Epicor, NetSuite, Retalix, Salesforce, Google Cloud, and SA

Why Choose Cloud Integration?

  • increases efficiency: with an integrated system, your business will run efficiently across all processes, from onboarding customers and employees to workflow-driven order-to-cash cycles
  • creates savings: UK organizations have reported savings of US$2 million since implementing an integration platform, with savings both in IT and across departments
  • produces insights: with a 360-degree view of your business, you can make the informed decisions that drive business to new heights of productivity and competitivity
  • empowers growth: an integration platform gives businesses the agility to launch new products and services, develop customer relationships, and enter new markets, powering long-term profitability
  • take advantage of big data and IoT: allow your business to flourish in the era of big data and the Internet of Things (IoT)

How It Works: Influential Dell Boomi Solutions

  • iPaaS has up-front pricing, in a pay-as-you-go model with a lower total cost of ownership than traditional integration solutions
  • always stays at the forefront of integration capabilities, with 11 Dell Boomi releases per year -deals with security and compliance automatically, including HIPAA, PCI, and ISO 27001
  • pre-built connectors, point-and-click interface, crowd-sourced intelligence, pre-built templates, developer SDKs, and configuration-based development environment make it fast and easy
  • connects “hybrid” systems, creating data visibility and process efficiencies – integrates across any mix of systems, cloud or on-premise

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