Dell Boomi EDI Management Solutions

An easier way to manage your B2B trading partner network:

Dell Boomi Exchange EDI & B2B Management.

Modernise your partner ecosystem for streamlined operations,
with support for traditional EDI and newer web services.

Exchange EDI Management B2B Cloud Integration Solutions | Dell Boomi UK Partners InfluentialSolution: Exchange

Use Dell Boomi Exchange to easily build, deploy, and manage both your traditional EDI and newer Web services.

Dell Boomi’s complete native-cloud platform provides everything you need to manage your partner network interactions.

Accelerate and streamline your business with Influential Software’s Dell Boomi expertise.

Dell Boomi Exchange is an additional element for the central Integrate platform.

Influential Software + EDI B2B Integration

Make informed decisions with real-time data between your business and its trading partners.

Electronic data interchange (EDI) solutions are pivotal in connecting global suppliers for an automated and responsive business. With a real-time view of shipments, warehouses, and distribution, you can make decisions fast and smart. Influential Software’s Dell Boomi Exchange services for EDI mean less reliance on IT personnel, a drop in overheads, and instant connectivity with the latest cloud applications such as NetSuite.


Dell Boomi Integrate UK Partners Influential | Cloud Integration and Digital Transformation Dell Boomi UK Partners Influential Software have the EDI Data Management and B2B experience your business can leverage to gain an advantage.

Dell Boomi Exchange EDI: Extend Your Business Reach

Influential Software’s Dell Boomi Mediate solutions: modernize and expose underlying data as APIs to deliver scalable and secure real-time interactions for the new world of applications.

Influential Software’s Software Development division includes specialists in API design and management. We can help you build and connect simple or complex application networks, or simply give you the tools to do it. Combining cloud data integration with digital transformation know-how, Influential Software provides services that empower businesses for the future and today.

Dell Boomi EDI Management: What’s it For?

If your business has looming overheads and outdated EDI systems that need specialised support, then Influential has the Dell Boomi EDI solution for you.

  • old EDI systems require costly maintenance from IT specialists
  • a cloud-based back-end suite such as NetSuite needs to work at its full potential
  • systems have difficulty connecting with current cloud applications
  • technology cannot address today’s response time or Quality of Service (QoS) requirements

Dell Boomi EDI Management: What Does it Do?

Exchange: With the resolution of data management issues, many businesses choose to increase the inter-operability between their internal systems and trading partners with an EDI management tool.

  • extends your business operations’ reach with ease
  • improves your agility and responsiveness, freeing up IT resources
  • cuts the time to onboard new trading partners -supports EDI standards
  • allows central management of your trading partner network
  • provides a unified view of all partner network transactions
  • modernises the management of your partner ecosystem
  • supports both traditional EDI and current-generation web services

Download our datasheets for more information:

Dell Boomi EDI Management: How Does it Work?

  • uses an intuitive, web-based tool to build B2B and EDI integrations
  • deploys transactions with total security and authentication
  • monitors application transactions and EDI connections with a single dashboard
  • collects data from physical objects, analysing and correlating with business data to fuel initiatives
  • supports a variety of EDI standards: X12, EDIFACT, HL7, RosettaNet, and Tradacoms
  • has the full range of trading partner communications: AS2 (Drummond certified), FTP/Secure FTP, and Web Services using SOAP or HTML

Dell Boomi EDI Integration Services

We offer licences with a simple monthly fee. If you need advice, support, or any related services our team can provide customised solutions at a flexible rate.

Influential Software can also provide a number of other Dell Boomi AtomSphere Cloud Integration Solutions that work around the central Integrate platform: