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Synchronise and enrich with simple master data governance
Agile data mastering + Lower cost of ownership + Improved operational efficiency

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The Dell Boomi MDM hub ensures data quality across your enterprise, reducing data management headaches.

Having the right Master Data Management (MDM) solution is key to ensuring data quality. That, in turn, drives efficiency and
improvements across every area of your business. Yet very few organisations possess the skills and
resources to deploy a scalable MDM system. That’s where Influential Software and Dell Boomi MDM step in.

Dell Boomi Hub works around the central Integrate platform.

Influential Software + Dell Boomi Master Data Management

With the architecture of Boomi’s Master Data Hub, Influential Software provides flexible data management while ensuring a single source of truth.

Discover the benefits of 360-degree, reliable data with accelerated data transmission, reduced costs, and fast data mastering implementation.

Master Data Management (MDM) is one of the crucial tools for a connected business. Influential Software’s Dell Boomi services for MDM speed up data transmission and provide a single version of the truth across your organisation. This adds up to decreased costs and greater trust – both of which empower your business to grasp opportunities and grow.

Dell Boomi Integrate UK Partners Influential | Cloud Integration and Digital Transformation Dell Boomi UK Partners Influential Software are Data Integration and Data Management experts. We have the know-how to advise, implement, and connect your business.

Boomi Master Data Governance: Transformative Transparency

Dell Boomi MDM: What’s it For?

If your business is still entering and storing data in disconnected systems such as shipping, inventory, CRM, and accounting, then Influential Software has the Dell Boomi MDM solution for you.

  • IT sources are strained by disparate systems
  • lack of integration allows errors and inconsistencies
  • customer experiences cannot flourish due to time-consuming data handling
  • stakeholders have little faith in the data’s reliability
  • duplicate records exist across different systems, causing confusion
  • consistency is hard to achieve because of multiple entries

Boomi Data Management Hub: What Does it Do?

  • increases data accuracy and consistency across the organisation
  • allows stakeholders to trust the data, wherever it is
  • removes redundant data sets that take up storage space
  • empowers data governance to meet requirements
  • lowers the total cost of ownership
  • creates an instant return on data mastering projects
  • enables implementation in weeks, rather than months or years

Exchange: With the resolution of data management issues, many businesses choose to increase the inter-operability between their internal systems and trading partners with an EDI management tool.

Dell Master Data Management: How Does it Work?

  • synchronises data from all sources through a central hub
  • validates data against criteria such as completeness, format restrictions, and field requirements
  • enriches data with custom exceptions and data quality services
  • collects data from physical objects, which when analysed and correlated with business data gives input to new initiatives
  • matches requests against records in a golden database, allowing it to automatically merge data and find duplicates
  • models master data entities quickly, via a low-code and visual experience
  • moves data between the hub and integrated source solutions with real-time, bidirectional process flows
  • adds models to the hub repository before identifying the source systems that will interact with them
  • resolves duplicate and fix data entry issues, and corrects erroneous data with business rules that you create

Let’s Build Your Hub!

Influential Software’s Dell Boomi solutions come tailored to suit your business needs.

We offer licences with a simple monthly fee. If you need advice, support or any related services our team can provide customised solutions at a flexible rate.

Influential Software can also provide a number of other Dell Boomi AtomSphere Cloud Integration Solutions that work around the central Integrate platform:

  • Exchange – EDI Management
    Cut maintenance overheads, improve ease of use and integrate back-end cloud applications such as NetSuite

Influential Software: Dell Boomi Consulting & Support

Influential Software’s UK Dell Boomi Hub and Data Management Solutions recognise that your business is one of a kind.
Our Digital Transformation and Data Integration Consultancy teams treat each business as a unique proposition in need of a bespoke solution.

Whatever the size or nature of your business, Influential Software has the expert knowledge to deliver outstanding results.